Three thoughts.

One. If you ever find yourself saying, "Maybe I'm just self-deluded, but..." I beg you, do not finish that sentence.

Two. Paradox, and closely related to one. Guys who already have girlfriends are super-comfortable and friendly around other girls.

Three. Watch Mad Men. Or don't because you will be sucked into an internet vortex that will incapacitate you beyond your ability to comprehend. It hurts so good, though.

And lastly, not a thought, but another gem from the sentimental archives. Cheesy eighties pop songs in the hands of country folkers, nothing like it. "The smile on your face lets me know that you need me" hook has been reverberating mercilessly in my head for days. Feel my pain, suckers.

p.s. This video is so amazingly bad I want to cry. Also, "Oh, mr. webster could never define, what's being said between your heart and mine." Best pick-up line of all time?

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