You may or may not find this interesting. But think of it as an alternative to making new year's resolutions or giving up stuff for lent. Instead you can congratulate yourself on your generous and evolving good taste.

Here are a few things that I used to hate and now love. Or kinda like, maybe, a little more than i used to.

1. Snickers. Plus coffee. I guess product placement too. 2. Classic rock. Well. The stones and the doors. 3. Boots. 4. Onions. 5. Dylan covers. But only really awesome ones. 6. Running. 7. Sandwiches. Not so much since I became a vegetarian. Bacon, you're always in my heart. 8. Bruce Springsteen. Love doesn't begin to describe it.

Most of these are about food and music. Make of this what you will. Also, a few things I used to love, and now hate:

1. Photobooth on macs. 2. Grey's anatomy. 3. Contacts. 4. Skittles.

And, a few things I hope to love forever:

1. Soft gray t-shirts. 2. Converse. I know they're ubiquitous and cheesy, but my love is pure.

3. Hopelessly bad country songs, and monumentally awesome country songs.

And finally: A glorious combination of categories one and three:


  1. you're a genius. so much better than lent. and now i'm hungry...for sandwiches and...

  2. ha i'm a bit obsessed with bruce springsteen lately. i mean i always liked him but for the last couple of weeks he is a daily listen!
    your blog is so cool!