If you have the broke and single blues, I suggest lots of reading and listening to music while eating candy half-naked. Also, this is why you should watch this show.

I am halfway through the best novel I have read in so long. It's called Half of a Yellow Sun. It's about Nigeria in the 1960's and it is stunning. A line that sticks in my head, about forgiveness: "What will you do with the misery you have chosen? Will you eat misery?"

I am also listening to the song "Gray or Blue" by Jaymay. It is a little treacly, but I like it. Also, the only full version I could find is entirely based on the (presumably) execrable romantic comedy Serendipity. I feel that there's a lesson here, something about the good and bad being more closely related than we have been led to believe.

I also read Capote's Other Voices, Other Rooms, this weekend. His prose is so perfect, it's unreal.

And, a little country-fried love from Lucinda Williams to keep those blues away.

Running, squandering full days watching tv, and guilt-free making out with strangers at parties are also good options. And cheap!


  1. I love me some 30 Rock! "Blerg."

  2. "lots of reading and listening to music while eating candy half-naked"