My sister Laura has been on a campaign to rouse me from existential despair by designing fun missions for me, sent via text message. Here is the first. I walked around campus and gathered flowery things. I had my coffee and my music. The sun was absolutely perfect and it was very cold.

Now, I don't want to go all maudlin on your ass, but when I was walking around, I realized that I hadn't just gone out in the world and really noticed my surroundings in a long time. I was happy in the sun and wind and shadows, among the growing and dead and beautiful things. The transcendentalists were on to something. Nature with a capital N, telling you, this is your invitation. This is what's being offered, in your one and only life.

"This is so going on my blog!" I thought. And I was reminded of the dealio of life. Watch the first 38 seconds.

Ok, I also stepped in some goose crap, and saw some plastic bags and construction, and got a few evil glares for struggling to pull huge branches off of trees, and spilled coffee all over my mittens. So that's life too.


  1. love you. love the post. love goose shit.

  2. I so love that you were wearing your mittens.