This is a blog. Can we call it something else? I am trying to be mature these days, and blog sounds like a newfangled game of tag, or the name of a pirate drink. (those are actually blob, and glog, respectively.)

Since this will be read by at most three people (Mom, I'm talking to you) I think it's only fair to tell you that the jokes will be stolen, the insights flippant, the stories fabricated, and the grammar shaky.

Riddles, puns, trivia, and daily challenges will play a large role. It will rely heavily on physical comedy and Dylan lyrics. Many posts will consist of me making fun of the kids in my creative writing class. So I hope you like jokes about trilingual genre fiction. I know I do!

In the interest of full disclosure, let it be known that in the past I have mocked blogs as masturbatory exercises for people too boring or lazy to be out living their lives. Well, masturbatory and lazy this blog may be, but by god it won't be boring. Welcome.

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