Last night I was feeling unproductive and needed a break from my work. I didn't want to get sucked into watching tv. So I promptly got up, did ten push-ups, and limbered up my vocal cords. Let me explain: Lately I have been obsessed with fantasizing about doing karaoke, though I have neither the chops nor the balls for such an activity, and being on the wagon, nor the alcohol. Then I remembered Garageband. Hijinks ensued in which I downloaded some 99 cent karaoke songs online and then recorded my attempts at singing them. It's especially hilarious since I have a cold, so I have that sexy rough throat thing going on. (And by sexy I mean funny). I primarily experimented with this harder-than-it-sounds classic:
Bonnie Raitt - Something To Talk About

One thing led to another, as performing for your mac tends to do, and, inspired by the indomitable Bonnie and her red lipstick,  I busted my procrastination blues further by gussying myself up and opening photobooth. 

Well kids, there you have it. Fun was had by all. Try it sometime. (note, I was wearing clothes despite the bare shoulders. sorry to offend anyone's delicate sensibilities.) 

If low-tech or no-tech is more your style, I am always reminded of this rather fabulous poem when I am feeling down n' out or just bored: 

The Cure
Ginger Andrews

Lying around all day
with some strange new deep blue
weekend funk, I'm not really asleep
when my sister calls
to say she's just hung up 
from talking with Aunt Bertha
who is 89 and ill but managing
to take care of Uncle Frank
who is completely bed ridden.
Aunt Bert says
it's snowing there in Arkansas,
on Catfish Lane, and she hasn't been
able to walk out to the mailbox.
She's been suffering from a bad case of the mulleygrubs.
The cure for the mulleygrubs,
she tells my sister,
is to get up and bake a cake.
If that doesn't work, put on a red dress.

*apologies to those without picture or music recording macs or pcs. 

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  1. had the mulleygrubs today. decided to make some challah. damn dough didn't rise. still tastes good. i think.

    guess i should go root around for my red dress. lerve you.