Hello children. Running around the city picking up and dropping off packages, mailing people about movie screenings, and getting into serious hijinks with visiting friends has left me sadly neglectful and a little burnt out. But posh on excuses, for they are a scourge on our society and shall not be tolerated. With no further nonsense, I present to you some unbearably sweet things.

This is an absolutely soul-suckingly cute proposal-true-love-for-ever-and-ever song from one of my favorite alt-country bands led by the equally appallingly cute Rhett Miller.

This isn't their best song but definitely the most shamelessly adorable. On the cuteness factor, it brings back great memories of seeing them in concert in Philly with my twin sister and two best friends.
This picture, in the wedding theme, is of the cute-cute-ness of my sister's wedding last year. Say it with me: dawwwwww. Courtesy Erin, who had a pretty dang cute anniversary herself lately.

And last but not least, an adorable and talented friend from BMC has started a hilarious and cute-approved blog about her cute and witty crushes and cute and witty co-workers in cute and (sweaty) Philly. Check it out.

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  1. Oh, I love that song!! And I checked out Elizabeth and the Catapult, too—you've got good taste in music!