Neither good nor fast times at ridgemont high, kids. Not at all good times.  What's a girl to do? Unironic feminist lyrics, laundry, and some applicable comics to the rescue! 

"I called my sister and said I feel adrift, with no man. She said, oh honey, learn to love the sea." - The Nields

"You don't know a person like me, I could sell your songs to Nike." - my homegirl Dar Williams

"So I walk like I'm on a mission cause that's the way I groove. I got more and more to do, I got less and less to prove. It took me too long to realize that I don't take good pictures cause I have the kind of beauty that moves." -Ani Difranco

"If we're a drop in the bucket, with just enough science to keep from saying fuck it. Plenty revolutions left until we get this thing right." -Indigo Girls

And, this flipping awesome song. 


  1. chin up bucko. i luff you.

  2. This is despair busters! Read this yesterday; I was in need of a post like this.