Here's hoping I can start a new, absolutely adorbs (you see what I did there, with the cuteness?) tradition of posting only impossibly cute things one day a week; I am obviously a complete sucker for anything catchy or precious, but this way, not only do I get to take advantage of alliteration (I kill myself) I also get to retain, on other days, the cynical, irony-loving, bitter kid that just doesn't give a damn about the sweet, the harmonizing, or anything that inspires hugging. Speaking of which, have you read this shit? Is this town going to outlaw flower-picking and puppy-cuddling next?

A little sample: This song is so cute I'm getting a toothache. The video even makes blood and ghosts and decapitation seem charming.

That's Zooey Deschanel, the reigning princess of being adorable, and her special friend M.Ward, collaborating for the band She and Him. So cute you kind of want to die, right?

And this:

Dawwww. Back to things not approaching duckies and swingsets and cotton candy cute tomorrow.


  1. Adorbs! I love it. I'm excited for Paper Heart!

  2. Double adorbs, for sure. Bring it on--puppies, babies, daisies, love songs--whatever. We can all use a pick-me-up. xo